Solymar Airbrush Tannning

Our mission is to provide clients with a safe and natural looking, sun-kissed tan. All of our technicians are trained and certified to make sure your color is carefully applied. We guarantee you will love our mobile service; you will want to maintain a tan all year long. Save your skin, avoid the harmful U.V. rays, and give airbrush tanning a try.

What is Airbrush Tanning?

The sunless spray solution consists of dihydroxyacetone (D.H.A.), a sugarcane derivative and a cosmetic bronzer that gives you an instant tan.  It is UV-Free,  natural, healthy and safe. D.H.A. has been Federal Drug Administration (F.D.A.) approved for 30 years; there have been no reports of allergic reactions to the product.  D.H.A. reacts with the amino acids in the outer layers (epidermis) of your skin.  This harmless reaction develops a natural-looking golden tan, which will eventually fade similar to a real suntan. As the dead skin cells wear off, the color gradually fades, typically within 7-10 days.

How does Airbrush Tanning work?

The airbrush tanning solution is manually sprayed in a fine mist all over (or parts of) the body or desired location. There are no tanning beds or untrustworthy spray booths. Your airbrush tan is carefully applied by a certified technician, and it is 100% safe without the harm of U.V.A. and U.V.B. rays.

How long does a session take?

The complete spraying & drying process takes about 30 minutes per person.

During a offsite tanning call where does Solymar Tan set up
Your technician will set up our mobile spray tanning booth wherever you desire. The booth pops right up in your desired location depending on your lighting. It is private, sanitary and perfect for applying your tan. Solymar Tan can easily set up in your office, bathroom, kitchen, backyard, garage…basically anywhere!

How long will a tan last?

A Solymar Tan usually lasts 7-10 days, depending on your skin type and maintenance. It varies from every person due to skin and product the client is using on their skin. Be aware of rubbing your skin, excess sweating, swimming in chlorine, or clothing that chaff. Solymar Tan ensures all clients may return for a touch up if the tan is quickly fading after 3 days.

Does it smell?

Depending on which solution you use there can be a slight smell of the D.H.A. Some solutions have a attractive odor to help mask the D.H.A. Overall, the smell is very unnoticeable.

Will it look natural?

It looks very natural, and there is no orange tint, like other horrible fake tans you have seen. Solymar Tan gives you a beautiful bronze tan & works very closely with all of our clients to ensure a naturally looking tan. We keep track of every solution used and how our clients liked their application. Most of our solutions contain a cosmetic bronzer in them which will allow the body to have an immediate bronze in minutes. After the application your tanning results increase as the solution reacts with your skin. (This process takes approximately 6-8 hours).  You are immediately ready to show off your tan!

Why airbrush tanning vs. booths?

Airbrush tanning is hand applied by a trained technician that is skilled at providing the most even coverage possible on your body.  Spray booths are designed for a “one spray all” which can result in horrible streaking, over-spray, and terrible coloring. Tanning beds can cause skin cancer, malignant melanoma and other numerous health problems. Try airbrush tanning for a safer alternative.