Solymar Tan is voted #1 Tanning Salon in Ventura County by Ventura Reporter!


“I just wanted to thank you for spraying me the other night. It looks awesome and super natural. I have seen other people’s fake tans and it looked really scary!” Angela Izzo,  www.izzioimages



“I love my tan and owe it you to. I have been sprayed two times and everyone asks if I’ve been in the sun. I tell them “Nope, it’s Solymar Tan. I love love love it!”  Nancy Jane Lane, Owner of Studio West Salon



“I look like I just got back from a tropical island,” Heather Gilbert, bikini model



“ l look like I have been in Cabo, Mexico for a month soaking up the rays. Solymar Tan is the best!” Daniella Stagnaro



“It is the best spray tan I have ever had! No orange coloring and completely natural looking!”  Zuri Star, singer-performer www.zuristar.com



“My Solymar Tan gave me that Hawaiian glow before my vacation so I could hit the beach confidently. I was able to get a safer, more natural looking tan that developed slowly. No more burning my skin or trying to rush a tan!”  Kathleen Reardon



“OMG I love my tan!!!   My husband kept saying how happy I was looking all night long, and you know what he is right. For the first time in 3 years I feel *good*. The crazy thing about being pregnant with twins is you say goodbye to your body, before my twins I was 5’10″ and 140 pounds and so proud, then I went up to over 200 pounds with my pregnancy and I was on bed rest almost from day one and had so many problems and with my babies arriving almost 2 months early I have lived in nothing but stress. Ever since they were born I have hidden my body because I sill see the 200+ pound girl, but this morning as I was walking by the mirror I stopped and realized I had tears falling down my face, I saw the *old* Kate again, looking tan and happy. I have not seen that face in so long. Thank you for my gift, you have no idea how much you have helped me with my self esteem. I can not wait to keep doing this. You are such a sweetheart, congrats on the amazing business adventure! Solymar, sun and sea the perfect balance.”  Katie, mommy of two beautiful twins


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